Lynne Hobaica

It is believed that mankind’s awareness of death is an essential, albeit, perplexing element to what separates human beings from all other living creatures. It is an obsession that has consumed our relationships with one another throughout time, a thought which drives us to build our lives accordingly; through the legacy we would like to leave behind, and by building relationships so that legacy might be told.

My work is fueled by the idea of this self awareness. Reflecting on the dynamic of building, maintaining, and ending relationships. It is inspired by the stories we live and that we will be remembered by. Whether it be run-of-the-mill mistakes (which for a moment feel like they might end the world), or working against distance and time to hold relationships together, or the joyful awkwardness of exploring new relationships. How with every new person you let into your life, somehow you become a new person. It is through all of this and more that I am inspired to make the work that I make, ultimately to share my own stories, and the stories that others have shared with me.


Lynne Hobaica grew up in Phoenix, AZ. Her career as a ceramic artist began in 2009 and has taken her around the US and to Europe. She creates playful thrown and handbuilt pottery with layers of bright colors and illustrations built upon the surface. One of her greatest passions is teaching which she approaches with the same lively energy and humor as is seen in her work.