Ciara Jackson

 Ciara Jackson

The surfaces of my pots are heavily influenced by textures found in nature. Moss, stone, and the movement of water are of particular interest to me. Above all, the combination of these textures, as found in nature, fascinates me. When observing these textures, I feel a sense of comfort that is hard to describe. By abstracting textures of nature on the surfaces of pots, I am intentionally referencing this overwhelming sense of wonder felt in observing these natural textures.

Through my observations, I have found a correlation between our interactions with functional ceramics and interactions with our environment. While we build structures that separate us from our natural surroundings, it is often functional ceramics that bring the outdoors in. Whether it be through the plants we place around indoor spaces or the way we serve food, functional ceramics become a link between what we consider outdoors and in.

I create pots that traverse the boundaries of outdoor and indoor environments. The surfaces of these objects are intended to reference the wonder I find in observing nature. I do so because I want to remain conscious of my own relationship with my environment. I like to think that these surfaces are capable of instilling a similar consciousness in others.


Ciara Jackson is a Potter from Knoxville, Tennessee. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Three-Dimensional Studio Art from the University of Tennessee in 2015. In 2016 she interned at the Lawrence Arts Center in Lawrence, Kansas & assisted Kyla Strid in her Studio. She moved to Seattle, in November of 2016, to be a Resident Artist at Pottery Northwest. She makes pots about the human connection with nature.