Chase Lilleholm

Clay is the avenue through which I strive to explore and communicate my thoughts and ideas. I treat the process of creating my work as a dialogue between the clay and myself, a conversation that I hope to be continued between the piece and the viewer /user.

My goal is to instill within each piece my own set of values and ideals in a subtle but evident way. I value what is unique and unusual about the world we live in, and hope to mirror this in my art. Through strong forms, fine craft, and a depth of surface I hope to communicate to my audience the worth of creating relationships with what is authentic in nature, and all around you.

I find finishing my work using several different firing methods helps me continually rethink my approach. I am not afraid to fail, and this process lends to experimenting with new ideas, allowing my work to progress through change.


Chase Lilleholm gained an interest in clay his junior year of high school and has been working with clay for over 10 years.  In 2012, he earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts at the University of South Dakota with an emphasis in ceramics.  He currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington.
​He is both an Artist in Residence and the Studio Technician at Pottery Northwest.