Amanda Barr

My ceramic work is an exploration of color, graphic imagery and text on porcelain. I enjoy the intimacy of using functional objects as narrative vehicles for my inner monologue. These objects then become part of the user’s narrative, becoming part of their daily life through the ritual of use and by decorating their living spaces. Each piece is a reflection of myself, and in choosing to accept it into their life, it also reflects the user.

I am often inspired by my background in literature, thematically as well as being a source for much of my text and my love of vintage illustrations. Through books one can travel through time, to faraway lands… anywhere the imagination can create. My work is an extension of my love of reading; it is about expression and escapism, imagination and history. I want to make work that will capture the imagination and create a dialogue with the viewer, force them to think and dream and make their own journeys.

Aside from making work in clay, Amanda also teaches Spanish, is the Social Media Director for NCECA, does social mediaconsulting, and writes about ceramics and art for various publications.


Amanda Barr hails from the Midwest, having lived most of her life in Missouri and Iowa with a brief stint in Kansas for grad school (which was in Spanish, it’s a long story). She operated her own studio practice from 2009 until 2015, when she headed to University of Colorado Boulder to make ceramics official with a post-baccalaureate before coming to Seattle for a long term residency at Pottery Northwest. She has taught many subjects at many levels, from kindergarten to adults and including ceramics, Spanish, theatre, and Irish dance. Her work can be recognized by her signature surfaces and she has a keen interest in all things printmaking.